Saturday, 10 January 2015

Creative juice

There are over 112 entries in this teaching creative writing blog and meanwhile I am deep in the formatting throes of The Extraordinary Dr Epstein -- to be published in 2015. It's the story of my great-grandfather's life -- his many lives, as he reinvented himself so many times: Russian, American, doctor, pastor, Jew, Christian, poet, sailor, scholar, farmer, founder of a university... check him (and me) out here.

I'm also learning the ins and outs of self-publishing, but this term YOU are teaching creative writing. Besides my Creative Writing: the Matrix book -- nearly out of print! -- there are loads of exercises and ideas for your class planning in this blog's archive.

Here's my shortcut to the best of the best for you and your students in the long list of Labels below: CREATIVE PROCESS, CRITIC WITHIN, DIFFICULT STUDENTS, ENDINGS, EXERCISES (24 entries!), FIRST CLASS, LESSON PLANNING (6 entries), START OF TERM, WORKSHOPPING etc etc.

Let the creativity flow!