Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New Course Ideas

It's that time again. My team leader asked me if I want to do some 2-hour tasters in April, and short courses in June -- any ideas? I like these short courses (though I don't think I've ever done a single-slot of 2 hours before). Adult ed is needing these a lot (1) to keep fees low (2) to attract students (clients?).

For creative tutors it's an opportunity to try specialist things or focus on a single aspect. I brainstormed with myself and gave the college a choice of two 2-hrs and two 4-5 weekers. Hope she goes for 'Warming up to Creative Writing' and 'The Zen of Poetry.' I want only one slot each because I'm already scheduled for 'Hero's Journey/Writer's Journey', a 5-week course in April -- if we get the required minimum of students... Link to where I teach herewith.

No blogs for next 2 weeks -- I'm on holiday to India and Kathmandu!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Creative Homework

A writer-teacher buddy said her students refused to write in class. That's a tough one -- what would be the answer? Maybe writing WITH them. Or some really simple word play or totally nonsensical creativity. Or utter silence by the tutor as she/he sits and writes, leaving the students to either pick up their pens or walk out -- too provocative, perhaps?

Meanwhile I've enjoyed and benefitted from completing an application for entry in the V&A Inspired by... adult part-time education craft competition. I had to provide evidence of my creative progress on the project (a papier mache piece), a useful angle on the creative process. Hence introducing competitions to your writers as a way to cajole them into writing and completing.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Helpful stuff for teachers

Email response from Robert J Ray, author of The Weekend Novelist on receiving comp copy of my Creative Writing the Matrix book -- 'great cover, great organization, packed with helpful stuff for teachers'.

Of course he would say that, as he gave me permission to adapt several of his plot and scene exercises from his excellent, helpful, useful how-to book for writers into class exercises for teachers to use (Section 3 - Craft). Nevertheless, I'm glad he approved of the whole book.

Bob Ray also writes crime novels, and a new edition of his how-to is coming in UK. Check Amazon.