Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Prepping a class for advanced writers

I'm in the midst of preparing a single session for a group of former students who have continued meeting on their own as a writers' circle for over a year -- mazeltov! In 2.5 hours we'll do stimulus (cinquains), craft (a scene, with emotional baggage) and process.

Haven't quite decided on process focus; something in me wants to do 'finishing resistance.' Or my own process in writing two cinquains as illustrations for the class, from start to revise, might be useful... 'specially because I began thinking it was 2-3-4-5-2 syllables, then checked my own book and found that was wrong. Revising to the correct form strengthened these little poems.

After my 'gap term' from teaching I'm very much looking forward to leading a circle of creativity again.

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