Wednesday, 20 February 2008

New Course Ideas

It's that time again. My team leader asked me if I want to do some 2-hour tasters in April, and short courses in June -- any ideas? I like these short courses (though I don't think I've ever done a single-slot of 2 hours before). Adult ed is needing these a lot (1) to keep fees low (2) to attract students (clients?).

For creative tutors it's an opportunity to try specialist things or focus on a single aspect. I brainstormed with myself and gave the college a choice of two 2-hrs and two 4-5 weekers. Hope she goes for 'Warming up to Creative Writing' and 'The Zen of Poetry.' I want only one slot each because I'm already scheduled for 'Hero's Journey/Writer's Journey', a 5-week course in April -- if we get the required minimum of students... Link to where I teach herewith.

No blogs for next 2 weeks -- I'm on holiday to India and Kathmandu!

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