Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Writing a novel, writing poetry

What to do when you're not teaching? Write, of course. Or get some juice by becoming a writing student -- that's what I'm doing this week.

Write-a-novel-in-a-month course -- well, not really, but we can dream, and generate lots of rubbish writing to then edit into something. This is a jump in and swim class a colleague has been teaching for a while. I don't have a laptop though, and prefer creating in longhand anyway, so I expect writer's cramp will be a main result of the five session course.

The other is a Sunday afternoon poetry workshop taught by an established poet. I love mucking about with words and shaping them.

Don't forget the Bridport competition deadline 30 June http://www.bridportprize.org.uk

Helpless without pc... my email decided not to send anymore, so off we go to my little computer shop. I hope it won't take long, it is such a big part of everyday life.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, ouch to the pocket, Susan. I had to buy a new PC this past year and found it helped to know just what I was looking for. The small business I went to respected my criteria based on my writing life and sold me the right thing. I am really pleased with it. Hubby uses my old laptop. I really prefer a proper keyboard on a desk! Shirl.