Saturday, 31 October 2009

The joy of being a student

Maybe you are working on a Master's degree in creative writing, or maybe you've recently been on an Arvon residential course... or are you, like me, taking a course not directly to do with creative writing? I've just begun my third evening course in psychoanalytic psychology (Freud, Jung, Klein) and my! how lovely it is to be well-taught.

Mickey Yudkin (female), to give credit where it is due, makes each person in the class feel welcome and known by her. Even on day one, she'd say, 'oh, yes, I recognise your name from the list.' And every time someone asks a question or comments she addresses this, and before she finishes she circles back to the person saying something like, 'so that's why it was a good point, Susan' or 'you were right to ask, David.' Very supportive and warming. Even her attention and alertness make me feel that I am being nurtured, that I am interesting, that I am valued, and that she is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.

Do you ever feel you are running out of steam as a tutor? We creative teachers do pour our energy into our students... there's nothing like a dose of being student of a good teacher to get a top up.


MoiraG said...

Yes, you're right Susan about being a student yourself. I finished a six-month online Creative Writing course at Lancaster University in November. It was both challenging and enjoyable, giving and getting comments from both tutor and other students. But I hope it will inform my teaching too. So when I ask students to go off and write up, say, what they have started in class I can feel some sympathy! But maybe too the comments and stimulus I try to provide will be more relevant. I can live in hope.

Susan Lee said...

Thanks, Moira! But do tell more -- sounds like online worked for you. Did you emerge with new or improved writing?