Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Technologies in teaching creative writing

Yug. Got some crit on my observation report. For one thing, can I ask YOU,

how much or in fact HOW do you use interactive white board and projector I.T. in teaching creative writing?

And the above question particularly in the context of short courses, two hours per week, with no exam or qualification on offer nor of interest to the self-selected adult students.

Myself, I think writing in class, bouncing creativity off each other, and getting feedback from reading out and/or from tutor are chief methods in the writerly mode.


Hannah said...

I can't believe they criticised you for this, how ridiculous. Excessive use of the electronic whiteboard is often a crutch for poor or unimaginative teaching and we all gape at screens far too much as it is. It's just a tick box on their mindless evaluation form. Your teaching is superb and I can't imagine it being enhanced by us staring at the whiteboard rather than listening to you/ doing exercises.

Anonymous said...

Susan, I don't use any of that stuff (but I know that 'observers' from colleges like you to use it!) The most 'hi tech' I get is when I take a CD player in and play the class some poetry or music, as part of the class. I would use websites/podcasts if I had the equipment in the room, but it's just a basic English classroom in a secondary school, so it's not possible. I agree with you, I think we can do without it!! (very pleased because class that didn't go ahead due to lack of numbers in January is now starting next week instead!)

Susan Lee said...

Thanks for the supportive comments. See what happened next.